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Unistar Tattoo Film - 10m x 15cm

Unistar Tattoo Film - 10m x 15cm

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For every tattoo artist and frequent customer of tattoo parlors, the 10m long Unistar Skin Care tattoo film roll is an absolute must have. Thanks to its many advantages, this film has stolen the hearts of tattoo artists who care about the proper healing of their client's tattoo, which shows professionalism.

How to use Unistar Skin Care tattoo film?

The bandage roll measures 10 m x 15 cm so you can easily decide where you want to cut the roll and what size the bandage will be. In order to use the roll properly you should let the new tattoo rest on your body and then thoroughly wash the fresh tattoo with InkTrox Ice Water, leave the tattoo for about 2 minutes and then spray it with Tattoo Finish. Allow it to dry thoroughly for about 10 minutes. After this time, if blood and plasma are no longer coming out of the tattooed area you can proceed to apply the previously prepared bandages. This thin film has layers that need to be applied to the tattoo at the right time and in the right way. First, turn the film over so that the green grid is facing down. On top you will find the paper and one notch on it. Peel off a smaller piece of paper from the foil and apply it to where you want the foil to be. Then it will be easy for you to remove the rest of the paper and then press the entire sticky film to your body. Spread the film very well under your fingers until you see the orange arrows where the film separates. Pull on the pieces of the film at the orange lines and remove the outer layer. This way only the actual part of the bandage is left which properly protects the fresh tattoo. Remember to keep a few centimeters distance between the bandage and the tattoo so that the bandage has a large contact area with the untattooed skin. Do it all while wearing gloves to maintain sterility.

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