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InkTrox™ PAX-Tattoo and process butter/muss - 50ml

InkTrox™ PAX-Tattoo and process butter/muss - 50ml

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This is a unique tattoo butter with an unprecedented consistency. Like all Inktrox butter, PAX contains only natural ingredients that significantly facilitate the work during tattooing and have a positive effect on skin regeneration, but it is distinguished by its unique consistency.

PAX, like no other butter on the market, resembles a very thick and very soft foam. Thanks to a very smooth and soft structure, when applied to the skin, it is practically imperceptible when rubbing. You have the impression that the butter melts on your fingers by itself. Everyone who tried InkTrox PAX butter is delighted and they agree that it cannot be compared with any other tattoo butter.

Such a consistency has a positive effect on the customer's comfort because you do not need to use any force to spread the butter, so rubbing does not irritate the tattooed skin. In addition, such a formula of butter moisturizes the skin even more deeply, making it more elastic. It prevents irritation and significantly accelerates the healing process of the skin. It is an ideal protection against unfavorable external conditions (frost, wind, sun (UV) - it is also perfect for healing a new tattoo.
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